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There’s no such thing as problems…. Just Solutions!

As a specialist with over 30 years experience in IT systems, I can offer a personalised, reliable and affordable IT solution to individuals, small businesses and organisations in the Midlands area.

The services can be provided on an ad-hoc basis, or you may opt for an annual/monthly IT support agreement.

Most small to medium sized companies simply can't justify a full-time Computer Expert or IT person on the payroll.

Here's the good news...You don't need one!

I can provide you with a "Virtual IT Department" at a fraction of the cost of employing even a junior IT Person!
No more hanging-on in never-ending phone queues on premium rate lines... Your business can have:

When you need help…

Where do you turn to when things go wrong, or if you need help with your computer related problems? It's not generally possible to get support on all of the above items from one source.

Generally, companies specialize in web design, or databases, or selling or repairing PCs. Spartan Systems is quite unique in that I can provide expertise across most computing related areas, from hardware and networks through to software or the Internet.

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